Travel pillow reviews, the best travel pillows for airplanes.

The best travel pillow reviews

We have all tried to sleep on a long haul flight and had a restless time with broken sleep? The pillows provided by the airlines don’t seem to do the trick for many of us. If you are like me and cannot get to sleep easily on a long haul flight, then you are probably looking for the best travel pillow? I have reviewed 5 unique travel pillows, from U shape, J shape, scarf style design and bolster cushion type for you. Let me guide you through the best travel pillow for airplanes and let the best travel pillow reviews begin!

J-Pillow review

The J-Pillow has a unique design and was invented by Gemma Jensen, formerly a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant. The neck travel pillow was the winner of the British Invention of the Year in 2013, so its credentials are superb in the travel pillow reviews of 2016. The J shape works by supporting the head, neck and chin, unlike a conventional U shape travel neck pillow. It may take some getting used to and shape may not be for everyone. The portable travel pillow has a strap for attaching to your travel bag and accessories are available including J-Pillow carrier bag, J-Pillow compression strap and a J-Pillow bed pillow case.

Features of J-Pillow

Photos of J-Pillow

Cabeau travel pillow review

The Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow is ideal for neck support as the sides of this airplane travel pillow rise up unlike other U shape pillows. A draw cord allows the memory foam travel pillow to be tightened or loosened as desired, the draw cord can be detached if not required. The pillow cover can be removed for washing and rolls up to a compact size for your carrying in your travel bag, a carry pouch is supplied too. There is a pocket for storing a phone or MP3 player and earplugs are supplied with the portable travel pillow. This is a plush travel pillow, that is comfortable to wear and will make sure that you get a decent amount of sleep when travelling.

Features of Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow

Photos of Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow

 Trtl pillow review

The Trtl pillow looks like a traditional neck scarf, but with a plastic flexible insert to support your neck. The travel pillow has a velcro strap for holding it in place and can easily be folded down for storage in a travel bag. The unique design of this portable travel pillow that looks and feels like a scarf makes it ideal with its portability and lightweight material. The neck travel pillow is hypo-allergenic and the fabric is a soft polyester fleece. The plastic support insert needs to be removed before it can be washed. This is one of the best travel pillows for airplanes due to its good support and can be folded down unlike U shaped travel pillows.

Features of Trtl pillow

Photos of Trtl pillow

 SkySiesta travel pillow review

The SkySiesta travel pillow is another unique design that comprises of two bolster cushions with a connecting velour cover. The theory of how this travel pillow works is that the two bolsters sit on the shoulders and this allows for the head to rest on the bolster cushions. The SkySiesta is ideal for a travel pillow for airplanes due to its ability of blocking out noise and ensuring a decent sleep. The bolster cushions can be removed from

Travel pillow reviews, SkySiesta travel pillow black

the velour cover and the covers can be washed. The pillow comes with a carry pouch and basic eye mask. The travel pillow will take up a bit of space in your cabin luggage, so that is a drawback, otherwise an excellent choice.

Features of SkySiesta travel pillow

Photos of SkySiesta travel pillow

 Clara Clark travel pillow review

The Clara Clark Memory Foam Travel Pillow with a bamboo rayon cover is a traditional U shape design. This neck travel pillow has the added benefit of a bamboo cover which are cooler than polyester or cotton covers. Bamboo covers are hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and dust-mite-resistant, this is an ideal travel pillow for allergy sufferers. This is the best travel pillow for being eco-friendly and has memory foam to stay in shape. The zipped bamboo cover is removable and washable. Bamboo pillows have a superb reputation for you keeping your head cool when its hot and keeping you warm when its cold. If you have any type of allergies this is the best travel pillow for airplanes where germs and dust fly around the cabin. For more information on bamboo read the blog section of Everything Bamboo.

Features of Clara Clark memory foam pillow

  • Clara Clark
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Bamboo rayon cover
  • U shape design
  • Removable & washable cover
  • Lightweight
  • Available from Amazon USA, Natural white $19.99

Photos of Clara Clark memory foam pillow

Summary of travel pillow reviews

I hope you found the travel pillow reviews helpful and informative? There are lots of travel pillows on the market today, many of them have a lot to be desired, poor quality and uncomfortable. The 5 travel pillows reviewed I think are the best travel pillows available today, what do you think? Leave a comment and tell me what you think, maybe add your own choice of travel pillow to list of best travel pillows.

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