Matched betting guide for novices, fillies, studs & mug punters!

Matched betting guide

You may or may not know what matched betting is, I will assume you do know something about this topic or you would not be reading this article! I’ve only been matched betting for one month so far, there has been more ups than down and that is the whole point of this type of gambling, risk free. The question you are thinking is how can any gambling be risk free, I thought the same thing myself, but apart from human error, there is little risk.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is form of gambling to profit from free bets, a back bet and lay bet against. This system works by having a qualifying bet and then gaining a free bet, the free bet is when you gain a profit. It is risk free if you place the correct bets, a calculator is used to work out the lay and back bet, if you are good at math, then you can work it out for yourself. Bookmakers offer sign up incentives and there are regular offers after signing up that can make you a profit every day. Continue Reading

Heathrow Airport

A Brief Outline of Heathrow Airport in London, UK

A Brief Outline of Heathrow Airport in London, UK

Before you travel through time inside the British Museum, get a bird’s eye view of the city aboard the London Eye, or marvel at the visual spectacles of Madame Tussauds, you have to pass through a world-famous gateway known as Heathrow Airport. For some, the airport is an obvious reminder about the city’s reputation in the tourism industry, but for others, it signifies the start (or the end) of a wonderful adventure. Heathrow sees more than 1,000 air transport movements with close to 200,000 passengers every day. From the parking spaces to the retail areas, its 1,227-hectare area boasts an array of first-class facilities. With that, here’s a brief outline of Heathrow Airport. Continue Reading


Travel pillow reviews, the best travel pillows for airplanes.

The best travel pillow reviews

We have all tried to sleep on a long haul flight and had a restless time with broken sleep? The pillows provided by the airlines don’t seem to do the trick for many of us. If you are like me and cannot get to sleep easily on a long haul flight, then you are probably looking for the best travel pillow? I have reviewed 5 unique travel pillows, from U shape, J shape, scarf style design and bolster cushion type for you. Let me guide you through the best travel pillow for airplanes and let the best travel pillow reviews begin! Continue Reading


Website cloning, how to spot and stop the hack!

How it started

Twas the week before Christmas and I was optimizing this travel blog for better SEO. I was checking on Google for my posts and seeing where they were on the search engine. This is a very lengthy way of doing this, I have found a better way now, it’s called using Long Tail Pro! Anyway, I spotted a result which looked the same as mine, but the URL was different, how strange I thought! Could it be that I was a victim of website cloning and website hacking? Continue Reading


Travel gift ideas, 10 of the best items for travelling!


Every year more and more travel gadgets, travel apps, travel books and travel blogs appear. It’s time-consuming filtering out the good from the bad to the fantastic to the mundane. I’ve compiled a list of 10 travel gift ideas, I either own the items or I’m planning on buying the items in this gift guide.

Are you stuck for ideas on what to buy for him or her? Do they have a love of travelling? If so here are 10 travel gift ideas, from carry-on hand luggage, GoPro Hero camera, Ray Ban sunglasses, Garmin Vivoactive, Bose in-ear headphones, accessories, cool travel gear and some surprises in this gift guide! Continue Reading


5 tips to make a better airport experience for travellers


There are ways to have a better airport experience and make it a more pleasant time. Whether it’s a short-haul or a long-haul flight, some basic preparation is needed to avoid airport hell. Some things are out of our control, like delays and cancellations.

Airport experience hell can be an overcrowded terminal, phone battery dead, fight for a taxi or not enough local language skills to find your way around. Whether you are a seasoned traveller, a back packer, travel bloggers or a digital nomad, here are 5 tips for a better airport experience! Continue Reading


How to make money online as a freelance travel blogger


Anyone who starts a travel blog will start to think of ways of making their blog a success. One of the most popular keyword searches is how to make money online and this is guide on how to make money online as a travel blogger.

I’ve been a freelance writer for the last 3 months, so I’m not an expert in this field yet! I’m going to share with you some of the things that have worked and some of the things that have not worked so far. The best ways to make money and how to make money online. Continue Reading

Bangkok, Bars & Clubs, Thailand

Top 5 Go Go bars Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand.


This is a review of my top 5 Go Go bars Soi Cowboy, Bangkok. There are over 30 Go Go bars and beer bars in Soi Cowboy. From the classy, the dirty and the sleazy, there is enough to choose from for a beer or two.

Soi Cowboy seems to be on the tourist trail these days with groups of Chinese tourists walking up and down. I suppose they must have come from Terminal 21 over the road!

The digital nomad niche is about travelling and the experiences when you travel. No trip to Bangkok is complete without the seeing Soi Cowboy and the Thai bar girls. There is simply nowhere else in the world like this neon lit and alcohol fueled place!

I first went there in October 2009, I do recall it was Rawhide and this is my top 5… Continue Reading